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  ‘From Weimar to Hope – the Feuchtwangers in the Interwar Period.’

We are happy to inform you that the eleventh biennial meeting of the International Feuchtwanger Society (IFS) will take place September 12-14, 2024, in London, United Kingdom.

The conference is jointly organized by the Leo Baeck Institute London, the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies, University of London, and the International Feuchtwanger Society.

The conference centers around the idea of Britain, the British Commonwealth, and the British Mandate of Palestine as hub and transit…

The conference A New Look at German-Jewish History through Photography focuses on the pre-digital age and approaches photography as a means for the historian to explore German-Jewish visual narratives of belonging in the context of both public and private visual language. The event is organised in collaboration with the German Historical Institute London and the Koebner-Minerva Center for German History (Israel). It is part of the Leo Baeck Institute London’s emerging research field Jewish Visual History…

International Digital Workshop | Lichtenberg-Kolleg Göttingen & Leo Baeck Institute London




London, Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 November 2019 This conference aims to reappraise and – where appropriate – to challenge the received narrative about the history of art history in Britain.

Art History as an academic discipline in Britain is commonly regarded as a German import. Before the 1930s, British art writing was allegedly the domain of the amateur and connoisseur. This only changed radically with the influx of émigré scholars – most of them of German-Jewish descent – to Britain after 1933. These highly skilled professional art historians played a pivotal role…

A conference co-organised by the Leo Baeck Institute London, the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at QMUL, the Courtauld Institute London and hosted by the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations at QMUL as part of the nationwide Insiders/Outsiders Festival celebrating refugees from Nazi Europe and their contribution to British culture.


London, Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 November 2019


New Perspectives in the History of German Judaism, Fascism, and Sexuality

Conference Berlin, 6 to 9 June 2019

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Professor George L. Mosse three generations of historians will gather to commemorate and analyze his ongoing influence in European, Jewish, and Gender history, as well as the continued resonance of the Mosse family legacy in Berlin. 

International Conference in partnership with the Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Georg August Universität Göttingen and  the  Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden (IGdJ).

The LBI London, in cooperation with LBI New York and with the Institute of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences, is holding a workshop at the Center for Jewish History, New York, 24 August 2017.  

The LBI PhD Colloquium took place in the library of the Leo Baeck Institute on the 16th of November at 1:30pm. Our PhD students presented their work in the presence of Prof Steven Aschheim (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) whose insightful comments led to many very interesting discussions. To view the program and participants click here

The Leo Baeck Institute is happy to announce its second workshop of the Leo Baeck Fellowship Programme 2015/16 from 10th - 13th July 2016 in Freudental, Germany. 

The Leo Baeck Fellowship is an international fellowship programme aimed at PhD candidates researching the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry. Every year, in cooperation with the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, the Leo Baeck Institute London offers to up to twelve doctoral candidates the opportunity to spend a year working on research at the location of their choice.…

International conference at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (MPIB), Center for the History of Emotions in Berlin organized by MPIB, Center for Research on Antisemitism in Berlin and the Leo Baeck Institute London.

Berlin, 16-18 April 2012

Exile in the Spotlight—LBI Conference on Émigré Theatre Giant Kurt Hirschfeld An International Conference

The LBI London and the LBI New York present an international conference on the life and legacy of Kurt Hirschfeld, the Dramaturg and director most closely associated with the emergence of the Schauspielhaus as the home of German theatre in exile. The conference under the patronage of the City of Zurich and hosted by the Schauspielhaus Zürich, brings together scholars and representatives of the contemporary theatre world and…

Doctoral Network in Jewish History: Basel, Manchester and QMUL 

At the School of History, QMUL, 23 April 2015 

Venue: The Leo Baeck Institute Library, Arts Two, Second Floor 

Hosted by Professor Miri Rubin (QMUL), with Distinguished Guest Professor Erik Petry (Basel) Programme 

10.00 Coffee and Welcome 

An International Conference

14-15 September 2014

Undisciplined: German Jewish Studies Today

The Leo Baeck Institute London






The Rescue of Jews in Western Europe during the Holocaust: The Local, the National and the Transnational

Monday 7th July 2014

Queen Mary, University of London (Arts Two, Room 3.20)


We are happy to announce the upcoming conference under the title Jews on the Move: Particularist Universality in Modern Cosmopolitanist Thought

This conference is organized by Prof Sander Gilman (Emory University) and Dr Cathy Gelbin (University of Manchester) in cooperation with the LBI London and will be held at Lecture Room 217, 2nd Floor, Arts Two Building, Queen Mary, University of London, on 11th and 12th May 2014. Please see below for further details of this event. 

Jews on the Move: Particularist Universality in Modern…

The Leo Baeck Institute London is happy to announce a symposium under the title 'Forward from the Past' The Kindertransport from a Contemporary Perspective to be held on the occasion of the 75 anniversary of the Kindertransport, to commemorate this historical event and to explore its fascinating aftermath.   


Woburn House Conference Centre, 23rd November 2010

A Conference organised by the Leo Baeck Institute London. This conference will discuss ideas of German-Jewish scholars and scientists who were forced to leave Germany in the 1930s and settled in the UK. The central questions are What was the impact of the British context on these individuals? What impact did these thinkers have on British intellectual life? What impact did they have on German academia after World War II? 

The conference is held at the Woburn House Conference Centre, 20 Tavistock Square,…

This international conference aims to make a major contribution to the study of nationalism and anti-Semitism in an English-language and German context between 1871 and 1945. The event will be a major step forward in encouraging interdisciplinary exchange between scholars working in the fields of discourse analysis, political science and historiography. The conference will also provide an opportunity to found an international Historical Discourse Working Group. This interdisciplinary study network will continue to meet regularly after the conference. 

Keynote Speakers: Prof.…


26-27 July 2010 at the German Historical Institute London

International Conference organised by the German Historical Institute London and the Leo Baeck Institute London

4 June 2010, 13.30-16.30 UCL Department of German

Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations


Berlin, 17–19 May 2009

The conference is a joint project of the Foundation «Remembrance, Responsibility and Future» (Stif- tung «Verantwortung, Erinnerung und Zukunft»), the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Leo Baeck Institute London.

The conference is part of the Leo Baeck Fellowship Programme. The former fellows Dr Nitzan Lebovic (Tel Aviv University) and Dr Mirjam Wenzel (Jewish Museum Berlin) initiated this conference. We are very grateful to The Foundation «Remembrance, Responsibility and Future» which…

Jerusalem, 11-12 March 2009

The conference was organized by the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in cooperation with the School of History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Centre for German-Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex, the Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung and the Leo Baeck Institute London.

  Wednesday, March 11

Welcome and refreshments Opening and Greetings 

Chair: Steven Aschheim (Director, The Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center, The Hebrew…

International Conference held at the University of Manchester, 2-3 November, 2008

Hosted by the Jewish Studies Centre, Manchester University, with
support from the Leo Baeck Institute, London, and the British
Sociological Association Theory Study Group

Including a public lecture by Moishe Postone, Chicago, 'History, the
Holocaust and the Left', on Sunday, November 2, 5pm

Speakers from Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Poland,
Switzerland, UK and USA include: Robert Fine, Richard H. King, Roland

London, 28-29 April 2008, at the Wiener Library

An international conference organised by the LBI London and the Wiener Library as a contribution to the European Network for Research into Historical and Current Antisemitism

The conference looked at theories of antisemitism and antisemitic legacies in modern cultural and political theories. We assessed the state of the art in modern theories of antisemitism and examined problematic legacies that partly fostered these theories; we also discussed praxis oriented approaches of dealing with antisemitism in a number of European countries…

Zurich, Theater Stadelhofen, 23-24 October 2006

International Conference of the LBI London and Jerusalem, and the Hermann Cohen Archive 

29 January 2006, Jerusalem

This was the fourth workshop held within the framework of the Leo Baeck Institute London programme in the history of German-Jewish contributions to science, and the second held jointly with the Sidney M. Edelstein Center at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Zurich, Theater Stadelhofen, 11-12 July 2005

LBI London und LBI Jerusalem 

The conference is supported by: Israelitische Cultusgemeinde Zürich (ICZ), Jüdische Liberale Gemeinde Or Chadasch, Zürich (ILG) Posen Foundation, Luzern Saly Mayer Memorial Stiftung, Zürich Schweizerischer Israelitischer Gemeindebund (SIG) 

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Leo Baeck Institute, the LBI London and the LBI Jersualem organised a joint international conference entitled 'Switzerland and Jewish history in German-speaking Europe'. 

International Conference on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem, 15-18 May 2005

LBI Jerusalem 

Programme Sunday, 15 May

Opening Session Chair: Michael Meyer (International Chairman LBI) 

Greetings Zwi Bacharach (Chairman LBI Jerusalem) Judge Izhak Englard Michael Heyd (Chairman Israel Historical Society) 

Keynote Steven Aschheim Icons Beyond their Borders: The German-Jewish Intellectual Legacy at the Beginning of the Twenty First Century 

London, Sunday, 23 January 2005

European Network for Research into Historical and Current Antisemitism in cooperation with the Centre for German-Jewish Studies at Sussex University Workshop organised by Raphael Gross (Director of the Leo Baeck Institute London and the Centre for German-Jewish Studies at Sussex University) Ben Barkow (Director of the Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library, London) No single methodology has been successful in fully accounting for the complex historical phenomenon of antisemitism. 

Brighton, 13-14 December 2004

Leo Baeck Institute London Bucerius Institute Centre for German-Jewish Studies 

Organised by: Yfaat Weiss (Director of the Bucerius Institute for Research of Contemporary German History and Society, Haifa) Raphael Gross (Director of the Leo Baeck Institute, London and the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, University of Sussex) 

There is a widely-held belief that most achievements in science and the humanities have little or no relationship to the characteristics of particular social groups. That is, scientific accomplishments are "impersonal." Thus "Jewishness" does not affect any scientific or scholarly methods or practice. However, some facts appear to challenge this view: for instance above-average representation of Jews in the sciences and the humanities when compared to their numbers in the general population and their exceptionally strong contribution to particular disciplines. To give but one example: in…

Haifa, 1 June 2003

Leo Baeck Institute London Bucerius Center for Research of German Contemporary History and Society (University of Haifa)

London, 25-27 September 2002

Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies
Institute of Germanic Studies (University of London)
German Historical Institute
Leo Baeck Institute London


Wednesday, 25 September

Professor Rüdiger Görner (IGS)
Professor J. M. Ritchie (Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies

Deborah Vietor-Engländer (Darmstadt)
Hermynia zur Mühlen and the BBC

Ruth Longdin (New South Wales)
Ilse Barea, Mararet Rink and the BBC

Alfred Starkmann (St…

Hamburg, 3-6 July 2002

Leo Baeck Institut London Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung in cooperation with the Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst 


Wednesday, 3 July

Prof Jan Philip Reemtsma (Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung) 

Prof Peter Pulzer (All Souls College Oxford - Leo Baeck Institute London) 

Begrüßung Prof Gesine Schwan (Frankfurt/Oder) 

Wussten sie nicht, was sie tun? Die Deutschen in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus

A Seminar in Honour of Julius Carlebach

Brighton, 13 May 2002

Sussex Centre for German-Jewish Studies Leo Baeck Institute London 


Monday, 13 May 2002

Professor Peter Pulzer (Oxford) 

John A. S. Grenville (Birmingham) 
The Jews in Hamburg in Prosperity and Adversity

Dr Henri Soussan (Sussex) 
The Rabbinical Tradition of Hamburg, Altona and Wandsbek

Professor William Outhwaite (Sussex) 

Andreas Braemer (Hamburg) 

Cambridge, 9-13 September 2001

Leo Baeck Institute London 

After two successful conferences at Clare College, Cambridge, which have resulted in the conference volumes Second Chance (1988) and Two Nations (1997), published in our Schriftenreihe in 1991 and 1999, we held a third Cambridge conference from 9-13 September 2001. The conference volume Towards Normality? Acculturation and Modern German Jewry, dedicated to the memory of Werner E. Mosse, has been published in 2003 in the Schriftenreihe. 


The conference was organised by …