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Dorothea Kies

History and Knowledge. Jews in the Christian Historiography of the 13th Century

The 13th century was a watershed for the Ashkenazi Jews in the Holy Roman Empire. Important social changes took place and anti-Judaism continued its transformation. In particular the anti-Jewish pogrom developed into a regular phenomenon during this century without a single underlying motive for the pogroms. The main source for these events is the Christian historiography of the 13th century, complemented by specific Jewish sources. Based on these sources, the doctoral thesis analyses the ‘knowledge’ of Christians about Jews in the 13th century. Methodologically, the approach is rooted in a sociological understanding of knowledge: The project asks what information became (accepted) knowledge about Jews and how and why it did so. In doing so, it seeks to deepen the insights into the history of Jews in the German realm in the 13th century.  


Book In cooperation with members of the Department of Medieval History at the University of Tübingen (eds.)

Einhard. Translation und Wunder der Heiligen Marcellinus und Petrus. Lateinisch/Deutsch (Acta Einhardi 2), Seligenstadt 2015.