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Dana von Suffrin

Dana von Suffrin, born in Munich in 1985. Studied Political Science, Jewish History and Culture and Comparative Literature in Munich, Naples/Italy and Jerusalem/Israel, and graduated with a thesis on Holocaust remembrance among Russian immigrants in Israel. In 2012/13 she started her PhD project at Munich's History of Science department. Currently she is working as a postdoc and coordinator at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich in the DFG research group "cooperation and competition in the sciences".



Plants for Palestine! Science in the Yishuv, 1900-1930

My dissertation seeks to reconstruct the history of theoretic and applied botany in the Yishuv, which emerges around 1900 with the arrival of a group of German (or German-trained) scientists around the well-respected Prussian colonial botanist Otto Warburg (1859-1938). I try to show that the role of botany and its institutionalization is a crucial means for settling the lands of Palestine. Furthermore, the Zionist botany is an utterly interesting example for the entanglement of science and ideology. Botany is, as any other scientific discipline, embedded in society, politics, and culture. This statement is especially valid in the context of nation-building - a concept which is highly important to understand the Zionist movement and its place within European nationalism(s).