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Café Nagler



Café Nagler (Mor Kaplansky, GER/IL, 2015)



Director: Mor Kaplansky

During the 1920s, Café Nagler was the hottest place in Berlin. Mor, the film’s directorembarks on a journey to find out what’s left of her family’s legendary café. Her grandmother follows the filming with great anticipation. When Mor discovers the true story behind the café, she is unable to break her grandmother’s heartand looks for a creative solution. Café Nagler is a film about memory, about our need for family myths, about our longing for a different past.

Shown all over the world at film festivals like the 66th Berlinale, the Haifa International Film Festival and the All Lights India International Film Festival, Café Nagler is a unique fictional documentary “which subtly recalls the crucial part the German Jews once had within Berlin culture” (Berliner Morgenpost).


Directed and written by: Mor Kaplansky
Co-directed by:
Yariv Barel
Produced by: 
Liran Atzmor, Yariv Barel and Mor Kaplansky
Executive producer: Hedva Goldschmidt
Edited by: Arik Lahav-Leibovitz, Idit Aloni
Original music by: Eran Weitz


Documentary, 59 min, 2015
Language: Hebrew, English and German with English subtitles

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