Workshop October 2015

Workshop at Brighton

Chaired by Prof Dr Sara Lipton, Prof Dr David Rechter, and Dr Daniel Wildmann



Session 1

Annegret Oehme – Adapting Arthur The Transformations and Adaptations of Wirnt of Grafenberg’s Wigalois (response: Tally Gur)

Yakov Mayer – The Reception of the Jerusalem Talmud in the Early Modern Period (response: Marie Sophie Graf)


Session 2

Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg – The Organization of Halakhic Knowledge in the Early Modern Period: Responsa as a Case Study (response: Miriam Szamet)

Martin Bürgin – The Plum War: An anti -judaic pogrom during the Helvetic era (1802) and its reception in historiography, social memory and religious remem-brance culture (response: Shira Billet)

Ido Harari – Converting to Otherness: the dialectic of differentiation in and from Modern Europe (response: Nisrine Rahal)


Session 3

Nisrine Rahal – A Garden of Children and the Education of Citizens: The German Kinder-garten Movement From 1837 – 1880 (response: Annegret Oehme)

Miriam Szamet – Jewish Pedagogues and the Pedagogical Discourse in Palestine 1918-1939 (response: Ido Harari)

Shira Billet – The Sources of Sociality: Hermann Cohen, German Idealism, and the Sci-ence of Judaism (response: Martin Bürgin)

Marie Sophie Graf – Sigmund Neumann – Realist with a vision. (response: Yakov Mayer)

Tally Gur – Jewish Studies in Post WWII Germany 1950-1989 (response: Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg)



Photo - Fellows Workshop Brighton 2015