Workshop November 2018

Workshop at Brighton

Chaired by Dr Elisabeth Gallas and Dr Daniel Wildmann


Session 1

Josef Northmann: Futures’ Past: Commerce, Capital and the Rise and Fall of the Commodity Exchange in German Economic Life, 1870 – 1935 (response: Felix Hempe)

Sebastian Kunze: Gustav Landauer als jüdischer Intellektueller (response: Yonatan Shiloh-Dayan)

Session 2

Netta Cohen: When Climate Takes Command: Jewish-Zionist Scientific Approaches to Climate in Palestine, 1900 – 1967 (response: Ofer Idels)

Yemima Hadad: History of Forgetfulness: Theopolitics and Hasidism in Martin Buber´s Writings (response: Kimberley Cheng)

Angelina Palmen: Holding the Fort: Jewish woman in the German war economy 1914 – 1918 (response: Yemima Hadad)

Session 3

Anna Brand: “At Home in My Room”: Jewish Spaces of Longing and Belonging in World War I and Weimar Berlin (response: Netta Cohen)           

Kimberly Cheng: Close Encounters: Shanghai´s German Jewish Refugees and Chinese, 1937 – 1951 (response: Sebastian Kunze)

Ofer Idels: Athletes and Pioneers: The Ascent of Modern Sport and the Zionist Body in Interwar Palestine (response: Josef Northmann)

Session 4

Yonatan Shiloh-Dayan: A Continental Tradition in Transit: Émigré Historians and German History in the Israeli Academy (response: Angelina Palmen)

Felix Hempe: Horror vacui und materiale Ästhetik – Das Spätwerk Siegfried Kracauers im amerikanischen Exil (response: Anna Brandt)