Research Network Gender in Anti-Semitism, Orientalism and Occidentalism

The Leo Baeck Institute London was part of the Research Network Gender in Anti-Semitism, Orientalism and Occidentalism.

In the post 9/11 decade, debates on “Anti-Islamism” have raised new research questions concerning patterns of exclusion. As in historical anti-Semitism, gender and sexuality play a pivotal role in current debates on national identity.

Focussing on the central role of sexual tropes in Orientalist, Antisemitic and nationalist discourse during the 19th century as well as in contemporary anti-Muslim and Occidentalist discourses, our network went beyond dominant discursive dichotomies, in opening up third or liminal spaces within the “Orientalist web” (Aschheim) in the arts, literature and performance. The network brought together leading interdisciplinary research centres in Jewish and anti-Semitism Studies, and scholars from the fields of Islam (Near Eastern) studies, postcolonial studies, gender, sexuality, literature, history and visual culture from Europe, the US and Israel.

Recent results of the research network are the books below:



Brunotte, Ulrike; Ludewig, Anna-Dorothea; Stähler, Axel. (2014)

 “Orientalism, Gender, and the Jews Literary and Artistic Transformations of European National Discourses”

Brunotte, Ulrike; Mohn, Jürgen; Späti, Christina (Eds.) (2017).

“Internal Outsiders – Imagined Orientals? Antisemitism, Colonialism and Modern Constructions of Jewish Identity”.

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