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Kevin McNamara


University of Limerick,
B.A in English and History

University of St. Andrews
MLitt in Modern History

 UniversityofSt. Andrews
PhD in Modern German History
2012- Present

Academic Achievements:
Leo Baeck Fellowship 2013-2014

 Academic Positions:
Postgraduate Representative for PhD Students at theSchoolofHistory,

Universityof St Andrews 2013-2014 

 Conference Papers:
''In the Service of His Majesty's Government: New Source Material on the Jewish Community in the Third Reich'' at 63rd Annual Meeting of the New York State Association of European Historians, Nazareth College Rochester, New York, 4-5 October 2013.

 Academic Experience:
With regards to my Masters dissertation at the Universityof St Andrews, the main information was derived from an interview with Heinz Skyte, originally from Nurembergand who now resides in Leeds, England. From analysing the personal accounts of a Jewish citizen living in Nazi Germany during the interwar period, the dissertation was able to recreate a contemporary viewpoint of the actions of the Gestapo and bring a welcome sense of zeal and colour to the often impersonal interpretations within scholarly publications.

Prof. Conan Fischer
UniversityofSt. Andrews,

Prof. Frank Muller
School of History,
UniversityofSt. Andrews,

Title of project: In the Service of His Majesty's Government: The British Consular Service in the Third Reich between 1933-1939.

This doctoral project will analyse local and regional reports on anti-Semitic persecution from the British consular network in the Third Reich during the interwar period. The information retrieved from a select number of British consular posts allows this project to discern how significant Nazi anti-Semitic persecution was to the British Government and what influence this data had upon Anglo-German diplomacy.