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Michael Fenstermacher

Contact:  (unconfirmed)

Born in 1982 in Kirchen (Rheinland), Germany, PhD Candidate at the Heinrich-Heine University of Dusseldorf (since 2007).
M.A. degree at the Heinrich-Heine University of Dusseldorf (2007); M.A. Thesis: Der Mehrfrontenkrieg gegen die deutschen Landjuden. Nationalsozialistische Verdrängungsmaßnahmen und die Reaktion der Bevölkerung 1933–1938.
Academic Assistant at the chair for recent History, Heinrich-Heine University of Dusseldorf (2007–09).
Research Interests: Jewish-Non-Jewish relationships, Anti-Semitism, History of Rural Societies. 


Juden und ländliche Gesellschaft im Rheinland 1871–1942 (working title) 

The research project deals with the social relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish ruralists in the Prussian Rhine province between 1871 and 1942. It focuses on the situation in the rural counties of Kleve, Rheinbach, Trier, and Simmern. By the aware selection of these counties in four different geographic regions it is intended to display differences as well as commonalities for finally drawing a reprasentative overall picture. The dissertation wants to contribute to a more detailed knowledge of the history of Jewish–non-Jewish relationships in an in many respects special region, for rural Rhineland differs in many aspects from the hitherto regional emphases of research. Also it wants to trace to the importance and manifestations of a special «Rhenish antisemitism», whose existence contradicts the cliché of «Rhenish tolerance» and which is almost unexplored especially for rural areas. Finally by its local-scale comparing approach the study wants to contribute in estimating the impact of local and regional differential occurred variables on the integration of Jews in a rural society and the intensity of antisemitism better than before.