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The Leo Baeck Institute London is devoted to the study of German-Jewish history and culture. The LBI is an independent charity and aims to preserve and research this history by organizing innovative research projects, Fellowship programmes, and public events. Through the lens of German-Jewish history, the Institute seeks to address some of the most topical and timely questions of our times.


Ninth ‘Snapshot of German-Jewish History and Culture’


Palestine Pavilion Handbook: Cover

Our ninth ‘Snapshot of German-Jewish History and Culture’ is now online. Please click here to view the full post: Rocky Roads, Exotic Birds and a Scent of Jaffa Oranges. The Palestine Pavilion Handbook and Tourist Guide (1924).

Flicking through the richly illustrated Palestine Pavilion Handbook and Tourist Guide, this latest Snapshot provides a flavour of the Palestine Pavilion of the 1924 British Empire Exhibition at the Empire Stadium in Wembley. From the uniquely British governmental standpoint of the period this booklet showcases the region of Mandate Palestine, placed under British mandate by the League of Nations in 1920, and promotes the complex colonial, political, commercial and historical ambitions of the Empire in the Middle East during this time.

The ‘Snapshots’, which attempt to give you an insight into interesting items from our London institute’s collection of rare books and historical pamphlets and documents, and which illustrate many facets of the history and culture of Europe’s German speaking Jewry, are also available on our social media outlets such as:

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and Twitter (@lbi_london).

Announcement: Leo Baeck Institute New York – Gerald Westheimer Career Development Fellowship

 Applications invited


The Leo Baeck Institute New York is offering a Career Development Award as a personal grant to a scholar or professional in an early career stage, e.g. before gaining tenure in an academic institution or its equivalent, whose proposed work would deal with topics within the Leo Baeck Institute’s mission, namely historical or cultural issues of the Jewish experience in German-speaking lands.

The award of up to $25,000 will cover the period July 1 – June 30 of the following year and, at the discretion of the reviewing board, may be renewed for a second year.

The grant is intended to provide for the cost of obtaining scholarly material (e.g. publications), temporary help in research and production needs, membership in scholarly organizations, travel, computer, copying and communication charges and summer stipend for non-tenured academics.

Applications outlining the nature and scope of the proposed project including a budget should be submitted, in no more than two pages, by March 1 to Dr. Frank Mecklenburg, Leo Baeck Institute, 15 W. 16th St. New York 10011, NY. A curriculum vitae, three letters of references, and supporting material (outline of proposed work, draft of chapters, previous publications) should be appended. e-mail submission to fmecklenburg@lbi.cjh.org is encouraged.



Dr Frank Mecklenburg
Leo Baeck Institute New York




Leo Baeck Insitute London Lecture Series 2022 – Popular Culture, Politics and Jews – Sonia Gollance

Leo Baeck Institute London Lecture Series 2022


Popular Culture, Politics and Jews


A lecture series organised by the Leo Baeck Institute London in cooperation with the German Historical Institute London.

This season’s lecture series Popular Culture, Politics and Jews delves into the rich world of German-Jewish and European-Jewish popular culture, examining its diverse manifestations, forgotten origins, creative adaptations, mass appeal and political dimensions and motivations in history. It explores the topic by looking at a cross section of its expression in film, television, theatre, dance, music and literature.

For more information on the lecture series please refer to the leaflet here.

We are delighted to resume our LBI Lecture Series on Zoom. Dr Daniel Wildmann (Director, Leo Baeck Institute London) has the pleasure of warmly inviting you to the first lecture in this series:


Dr Sonia Gollance

University College London, UK

Dangerous Attractions: Mixed-Sex Dancing and Jewish Modernity 

6.30pm, February 3rd 2022

Contemporary popular culture often portrays Jewish mixed-sex dancing as either absolutely forbidden or as the punchline of a dirty joke. Fictional portrayals of women who leave Orthodoxy sometimes use transgressive dancing to underscore the temptation of secular society – and gentile men. Yet long before the Netflix miniseries Unorthodox, Jewish writers used partner dance as a powerful metaphor for social changes that transformed Jewish communities between the Enlightenment and the Holocaust. Scandalous dance scenes in German and other literatures are part of a larger conversation about acculturation and courtship norms. Writers deploy these scenes to convey their concerns with Jewish modernity while simultaneously entertaining their readers.

Sonia Gollance is Lecturer in Yiddish at University College London. She taught previously at the University of Vienna, The Ohio State University, and the University of Göttingen. She is the author of It Could Lead to Dancing: Mixed-Sex Dancing and Jewish Modernity (Stanford University Press, 2021). Dr Gollance is Managing Editor of Plotting Yiddish Drama, an initiative of the Digital Yiddish Theatre Project.


This lecture will be held online via Zoom on Thursday, February 3rd 2022 and will start punctually at 6.30pm (UK time).

To join the event please click this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89772203672?pwd=Q0t2QVBwVkp3amc3T3JqcTdiMDI0QT09 at the appointed date and time, wait to be admitted by the host and follow the instructions on your screen. If you have any difficulty joining us on the night, please contact volunteer@leobaeck.co.uk and a member of staff will be able to assist you. 

Admission is free but we would welcome if you could inform us of your intention to participate prior to the event by emailing us on info@leobaeck.co.uk. This would help us to prepare in advance for participant numbers and management.



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