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The Leo Baeck Institute London is devoted to the study of German-Jewish history and culture. The LBI is an independent charity and aims to preserve and research this history by organizing innovative research projects, Fellowship programmes, and public events. Through the lens of German-Jewish history, the Institute seeks to address some of the most topical and timely questions of our times.


Snapshots of German-Jewish History and Culture

Moritz D. Oppenheim – Paintings of Jewish Family Life

Our second ‘Snapshot’ of German-Jewish History and Culture offers a brief introduction to the life and work of Moritz Oppenheim, painter of Jewish domestic scenes in 19th century Germany and Louis Lamm, the Berlin based publisher of Judaica and Hebraica, who published a beautiful gift edition of some of Oppenheim’s work.

Please click here to view the full post.

The ‘Snapshots’, which attempt to give you an insight into interesting items from our London institute’s collection of rare books and historical pamphlets and which illustrate many facets of the history and culture of Europe’s German speaking Jewry, are also available on our social media outlets such as:

Our Facebook page (Leo Baeck Institute London), Instagram (@leobaeckinstitutelondon), and Twitter (@lbi_london).


Gift edition of prints of Moritz Oppenheim’s paintings

Snapshots of German-Jewish History and Culture

Since we are sadly unable to run our upcoming lectures and events due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the Leo Baeck Institute London would like to offer you instead a web-series of ‘Snapshots of German-Jewish History and Culture’ to overcome the restrictions of the prevailing confinement. We will attempt to give you an insight into interesting items from our London institute’s collection of rare books and historical pamphlets that illustrate many facets of the history and culture of Europe’s German speaking Jewry. With this new web-based project, we hope to be able to divert, inform and provide some interesting food for thought in these difficult days.

Please click here to view our first post, in which we would like to introduce you to two prominent Jewish personalities who embody some of the key features defining the experiences of the German-speaking Jewry in the late 19th and early 20th century: The actress Elisabeth Bergner (1897-1986) and her biographer, the literary scholar and journalist Arthur Eloesser (1870-1938).

Please also check our social media outlets such as Instagram (@leobaeckinstitutelondon), our Facebook page (Leo Baeck Institute London) and twitter (@lbi_london) for updates every other week.

LBI Film Club

In order to lift the spirit during these anxious times the Leo Baeck Institute London, in collaboration with the Institute for the History of the German Jews in Hamburg, is delighted to invite you to join our LBI Film Club. This online project will offer interesting and thought provoking fiction films linked to the German-Jewish and Israeli experience which we hope you will enjoy.
The LBI Film Club’s first offering is:
Sof haOlam Smola – Turn Left at the End of the World (IL/F 2004)
Director: Avi Nesher
Israel is small, but its desert, the Negev, is large – especially far south from Tel Aviv. The film tells the story of Jewish immigrants from India and Morocco wrestling there with the heat, cultural differences and problems at the workplace. Couscous or Curry, Cricket or Football – parallel worlds or integration … comedy or drama? This immensely creative director’s motto is: ‘the stranger is always the latest arrival’. What does integration really mean? Are prejudices between Jews and Jews even possible? And above all, how does love between a man and a woman fare in such complicated circumstances? This film is a journey of surprises to a little known Israel.
Hebrew with English subtitles.
Online viewings will be accessible free of charge on Vimeo. If you are not already a subscriber, please register with Vimeo first to take advantage of this opportunity.
Then please click the link to the film on offer: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/turnleftattheend
Finally enter the promotional code provided by us: IGdJLBI when prompted.
The film will be available for 300 free viewings for a limited amount of days (7th-13th April 2020).
Further LBI Film Club screenings will be announced via our LBI website, Instagram and Facebook in the future. Please keep checking!
We know the circumstances are difficult, but we wish you a pleasant Pesach or Easter holiday weekend.



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