Workshop July/August 2017

Workshop at Freudental

Chaired by Prof Dr Sharon Gillerman, Prof Dr David Rechter, and Dr Daniel Wildmann


Session 1

Agnes Kelemen: The Migration of the Numerus Clausus Exiles. Hungarian Jewish Students in Interwar Europe (response: Lucia Linares)

Felix Schölch: Zuhause zwischen Isar und Jordan. Leben und Werk Schalom Ben-Chorins (response: Omer Michaelis)

Ayana Halpem: Female Pioneers in Social Work in Palestine: The Impact of the Jewish German Tradition and of Zionism upon the Emergence of Profession (response: Sam Shonkoff)

Session 2

Lisa Gebhard: Das Leben der Konvertiten im Spätmittelalter (response: Agnes Kelemen)

Sam Shonkoff: Sacramental Existence: Embodiment in Martin Buber’s Philosophical and Hasidic Writings (Response Felix Schölch)

Omer Michaelis: “It is time to act for the Lord”: Crisis Discourse and Theological Turns in Moses ben Maimon and Hermann Cohen (response: Ayana Halpern)

Session 3

Jordan Katz: “Wise Women”: Gender, Religion, Medicine and the Boundaries of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe (response: Lisa Gebhard)

Tuvia Singer: Nationalism, Regionalism and Cosmology: Minorities and Foreigners in German Folk-Narratives in the Nineteenth Century (response: Jordan Katz)

Lucia Linares: German Political Thought and the “Jewish Question” in the Weimar Republic, 1919 to 1933 (response: Tuvia Singer)