Viola Rautenberg

Contact:  (unconfirmed)

PhD candidate, Department of History, Hamburg University
Doctoral Supervisor: Prof. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum
MA (Summa cum laude), Department of History, Hamburg University
M.A. Thesis: Zwischen Ideologie und Überleben. Der Chug Chaluzi im Berliner Untergrund 1943–1945 
Academic Work Experience: Research Assistant at the Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden, Hamburg and at the Bucerius Institute for Research on Contemporary German History and Society, Haifa 
Research Interests: German-Jewish History
Gender History
German History of the 20th century
History of the Yishuv 


Gender Perspectives on the German-Jewish Immigration to Palestine in the 1930s 

In my PhD project I use the category of gender to analyze the German-Jewish immigration toPalestine in the 1930s. Within the Fifth Alyiah some 50,000 German Jews reached pre-stateIsrael. Their life’s where turned upside down: climate, mentality, political system, language – nearly everything in their new homeland seemed strange and often repulsive, provisorily and backward. In my dissertation I argue that the migration process had a deep impact on the gender-relations within the immigrating group and as well that gender structured immigration, absorption and interaction with the Yishuv community. I aim to research how this process was shaped, witnessed and remembered by men and women. How were the experiences related to age and family status, date and way of immigration, type and location of settlement inPalestine? How did different modes of employment and professional life affected marriages, families and communities? How were constructions of masculinity and femininity challenged?