Tobias Metzler


Tobias Metzler studied history, political science, Judaic Studies and German philology at Berlin and Yale. In 2008, he completed his doctorate at the University of Southampton. He has held positions at Leipzig and Potsdam University, the University of Vienna and Silpakorn University, Nakhorn Pathom.
He is fellow of the Parkes Institute of Jewish/ non-Jewish relations at Southampton and since 2012 lecturer of British and American Studies at Thammasat University in Bangkok.

Title of thesis: Jews in the metropolis: Urban Jewish cultures inLondon,Berlin andParis c.1880-1940

Jews in the metropolis urban Jewish cultures in London, Berlinand Paris, c1880-1940 – See more at:

Institution: University of Southampton
Date awarded: 2008

Selected Publications:
Tales of Three Cities: Urban Jewish Cultures in London, Paris and Berlin (c. 1880-1940), Wiesbaden 2014 (forthcoming).
“Une cité-jardin juive pour Berlin — ou: des (im)possibilités d’une culture urbaine juive” In Berlin et les juifs, ed. Laurence Guillon, Paris 2014, 48-62.
“Collecting Community. The Berlin Jewish Museums as Narrators Between Past and Present.” Studies in Contemporary Jewry XXVI (2012): 55–79.
“Humboldt und die verlorenen Stämme Israels: Die Afrika- und Asienreisen Benjamin II.” In Reisen um 1800, ed. Helmut Peitsch. Munich 2012, 265-84.
“Secularization and Pluralism: Urban Jewish Cultures in Early Twentieth-Century Berlin.” Journal of Urban History 37, no. 6 (2011): 871-96.
“Werner Sombart im Ausland: Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben in England, Amerika und Frankreich.” In Kapitalismusdebatten um 1900, ed. Nicolas Berg, Leipzig 2011, 155-92.