Noa Shashar


Acdemic Affiliation

Adjunct lecturer at the Department of Culture, Creation and Production

SapirAcademicCollege, Sderot (2011 – Current)

Post Doctoral Fellow,Ben-GurionUniversity, Beer-Sheba (2012-2013)

Research Topic: Free-time Activity in Early-modern German Jewish Life

Supervisor, Prof. Edward Fram, Department of Jewish History


Non-Academic Occupation

Lecturer at “Alma– Home for Hebrew Culture”, Tel-Aviv (2011-Current)

Director of Shashar Publishing & Initiatives in Culture and Education

Current projects: research and publication of family histories for private clients.


2007- 2012: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Jewish History, Ph.D. Dissertation: Deserted Women and Disappearing men in Ashckenaz 1648-1850.  Supervisor:  Professor Immanuel Etkes. (Dissertation approval August 2012)

2007: The Hebrew Universityof Jerusalem, M.A. Thesis: The Role of Niddah Purity Laws in Daily Lives of Ashkenazi Jews in 17th-19th Centuries

2000:  Jewish Theological Seminary (JerusalemBranch – Schechter Institute)Jerusalem, M.A. Jewish and Gender Studies

1986-1990: TheHebrewUniversityofJerusalem, B.A. History of Theatre and Humanities

Awards and Fellowships

Leobaeck Fellowship program (German Studienstiftung) (October 2010-September 2011)

Guggenheim Scholarship for research in Jewish Ethics (2009-2011)

Scholion  Research Fellowship for Doctoral candidates (October 2007-September 2010)

Polonsky Prize for Creativity and Originality in the Humanistic Disciplines (2009)

Presentations at Conferences and Workshops:

July 2013:     Marital Conflicts Before the Jewish Courts inGermany, 1750-1800,

The Sixteenth World Congress of Jewish Studies,Jerusalem

July 2012:     Agunot in Seventeenth-Century Hamburg-Altona: Reality and

Representation of Jewish and Feminine Identities, Leo-Baeck fellowship

program seminar in Freudental.

July 2010:     Agunot in responsa written by Galician Rabbis 1650-1850, The Summer

Workshop for Polish and Israeli PhD Students and Young Scholars on the

History and Culture ofPolishJewry JagiellonianUniversity, Department of

Jewish Studies, Kraków,


May 2010 in Germany :    Rabbinic attitudes towards deserted Women’s pain

1648-1829. Conference: “Knowledge and Pain”, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

February 2010:  Real Agunot among Real Rabbis: The Meaning of Jewish Law a

Specific Social Context, 18th CenturyGermany. Conference: “Jewish

Family Law”FordhamUniversityLawSchooland Jewish Law

Association,New York

August 2009:   Living Widows: Widows and “Anchored Women” in 17th and 18th

Century in German-speaking Jewish Communities

Conference: “Gender and Loss: Experiencing Widowhood inEurope”,

BathSpaUniversity, Great Britian


(Currently reworking my Dissertation titled Deserted Women and Disappearing men in    Ashckenaz 1648-1850  into a book)

Shashar Noa, “Real Agunot among Real Rabbis: The Meaning of Jewish Law in a Specific Social Context” in: Proceedings of the Agunah Summit, Jofa and Tikva Foundation, New-York (June 2013)

Shashar Noa, “Forever Anchored? Attitudes towards Deserted Women and Deserting Men in Jewish Thought and Practice: 18th-21st Centuries,” in: Alessio Nencini and David White (eds .(Ethics in Everyday Life, Inter-Disciplinary Press,Oxford, (2010)

Shashar Noa, “Hebrew Woman, Who Shal know thogh plight? – Brief historical survey” (Hebrew), in: Ariel-Yoel D. (ed.), Baruch Sheaasani Isha,Jerusalem (1999) pp. 74-75

)ששר-אטון נועה,  אשה עבריה מי ידע חייך–  סקירה היסטורית חטופה  בתוך: אריאל-יואל ד. (עורך) ברוך

                        שעשני אשה?  (1999) עמ’ 74-57(

Shashar Noa, “The impact of Feminism on religious Zionism” (Hebrew), in: Ariel-Yoel D. (ed.), Baruch Sheaasani Isha,Jerusalem (1999) pp. 207-223

)ששר-אטון נועה, גילוי חדש של הרצון האלוהי: השפעת הפמיניזם על הציונות הדתית  בתוך: הנ”ל

                       עמ’ 207-223(

Noa Shashar