Carl-Eric Linsler


Carl-Eric Linsler was born in 1984 in Lorrach, in the tri-border region ofSouthwest Germany. He received his B.A. from theUniversityofLeipzig, his M.A. from the Humboldt University of Berlin and was a fellow of the German National Academic Foundation from 2009 until 2013. In October 2013 he started his PhD project in History at the Center for Research on Anti-Semitism at the Technical University of Berlin under guidance of Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum.


Jewish Identities during the First World War: A Franco-German Family Biography

Based on the transnational history of the German-Jewish Frank family, this dissertation elaborates from a comparative perspective on central aspects of “Jewish identities” in the period up to and beyond the First World War. The project’s central question is concerned with the analysis of Jewish attitudes and experiences regarding the war, as well as with questions concerning national and cultural identity, patriotism and political anti-Semitism and their perception withinFranceandGermany. Special emphasis is placed upon the investigation of conflicting loyalties, which resulted from the influence of patriotism on the one hand and intra-religious or intra-familial solidarity on the other.