Adi Gordon


Five College Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Judaic Studies
Department of History
Amherst College

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (2009) in History,HebrewUniversityofJerusalem


–  2013- Amherst College, FiveCollege Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Judaic Studies

–  2010-2013 University of Cincinnati, Department of Judaic Studies, Assistant Professor, Director of

Graduate Certificate

–  2009-2010 Tulane University, Jewish Studies Program. Visiting Assistant Professor

–  2003-2004 Hebrew University, Department of History. Lecturer



Adi Gordon. On Jews and Other Nations: The Intellectual Biography of Hans Kohn (1891-1971)

[Forthcoming. Manuscript Completion: Summer 2014]

Adi Gordon. “In Palestine. In a Foreign Land:” The Orient. A German-Language Weekly between German

Exile and Aliyah.HebrewUniversity Magnes Press,Jerusalem, 2004 [Hebrew].

Edited Book

Adi Gordon (ed.), Brith Shalom and Bi-National Zionism: “The Arab Question” as a Jewish Question.

Carmel,Jerusalem, 2008 [Hebrew].

Selected Articles in Journals

“The City ofMan, the European Émigrés, and the Genesis of Postwar Conservative Thought,”

Religions 2012, 3 3, no. 3, pp. 681-698. [With Udi Greenberg]

“The Need for West: Hans Kohn and the North AtlanticCommunity”, Journal of Contemporary History

XLVI/1 (January 2011), pp. 62-68.

“The Ideological Convert and the Mythology of Coherence: The Contradictory Hans Kohn and his

Multiple Metamorphoses”, Leo Baeck Institute Year Book LV (2010), pp. 273-293.

“Against Vox Populi: Arnold Zweig’s Struggle with Political Passions”, Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für deutsche

Geschichte 38, pp. 133-147 (2010).


Selected Articles in Edited Books

“Nothing but a Disillusioned Love: Hans Kohn’s Break from the Zionist Movement,”

Ezra Mendelsohn, Stefani Hoffman, and Richard I. Cohen (eds.). Against the Grain: Jewish Intellectuals in

Hard Times,New York : Berghahn Books, 2013, pp. 117-142.

“Widersprüchliche Zugehörigkeiten: Arnold Zweig in Ostdeutschland”, Raphael Gross and Minika

Boll (eds.), „Ich staune, dass Sie in dieser Luft atmen können“: Jüdische Intellektuelle in Deutschland nach 1945,

2013, S. Fischer Verlag: Frankfurt am Main, pp. 171-204.

“German Exiles in the ‘Orient.’ The German-language Weekly ‘Orient’ (Haifa 1942-3) Between

German Exile and Zionist Aliya,” Placeless Topographies: Jewish Perspectives on the Literature of Exile (Conditio

Judaica, vol. 43), Benrhard Greiner (ed.), Max Niemeyer Verlag, Tübingen, 2003, pp. 149-159.

Adi Gordon