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The Flat



The Flat  (Ruth Films, IL/GE 2011)

‘The Flat’ (2011)

Director: Arnon Goldfinger

The flat on the third floor of a Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv was where Arnon Goldfinger’s grandparents lived since they immigrated to Palestine in the 1930’s. Were it not for the view from the windows, one might have thought that the flat was in Berlin. When his grandmother passed away at the age of 98, the family were called to the flat to clear out what was left. Objects, pictures, letters and documents awaited them, revealing traces of a troubled and unknown past.

The Flat premiered at the 2011 Jerusalem Film Festival, where Arnon Goldfinger won the award for Best Director of a Documentary. Furthermore, the film received the Ophir Award for “Best Documentary” and became the the third most viewed Israeli film of 2011. In his review in the leading Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot, film critic Yehuda Stav called The Flat a “spellbinding work” and “one of the most intriguing and important documentary films made in Israel in the last decade, not only because of its unbelievable subject matter, but because of its meticulous weaving, its artistry of filmmaking and above all because of the complexity of issues that are addressed and the deep emotional impact they have on the viewer.”

Written and directed by: Arnon Goldfinger
Produced by: 
Arnon Goldfinger & Thomas Kufus, zero one film
Sponsored by: 
The New Israeli Fund for Cinema & TV, FilmForderAnstalt, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Deutscher FilmForderFond With ARTE, ZDF, SWR, Noga Communications/ Channel 8 Israel

Documentary, 97 min, 2011
Languages: Hebrew, German and English with English subtitles

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We wish to thank Hadar Porubanova at Ruth Films for supporting us and organizing access to this film for our viewers.

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