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Hanna's Journey



Hanna’s Journey  (2Pilots Film Production, GE/IL 2013)

‘Hanna’s Journey’ (2013)

Director: Julia von Heinz

Ambitious Berliner Hanna (Karoline Schuch) decides that if she is going to succeed in business, she will need some volunteer service on her CV. So she heads to Israel to work with the disabled. Itay (Doron Amit), the Israeli social worker supervising her volunteer work, picks on her with cynical comments on German history, whilst obviously flirting with her. Hanna initially reacts with rejection, but as her interest in her own family history grows, so does her attraction to Itay. Probing the effects of the Holocaust’s looming shadow on third generation Israelis and Germans, the film skilfully weaves the personal and the political, illustrating how they are inextricably linked.  

Based on a novel by Theresa Bäuerlein and adapted for the screen by John Quester and the film’s promising young German director Julia von Heinz, Hanna’s Journey was released in 2013 and screened internationally to great critical acclaim at festivals such as the Montreal World Film Festival, the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival or the Paris German Film Festival etc.,. It earned Doron Amit a ‘Best Actor’ award at the Nuremberg Film Festival where it was also nominated in the ‘Best Film’ category, and won Karoline Schuch  a ‘Best Actress’ nomination at the Jupiter Awards. 


Written by: John Quester and Julia von Heinz; after a novel by Theresa Bäuerlein
Directed by: 
Julia von Heinz 
Cinematography: Daniela Knapp
Produced by: 
2Pilots Film Production, Black Sheep Film Productions (co-production) and Kings & Queens Filmproduktion (co-production) in association with Bayrischer Rundfunk (BR) and Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
Distributed by: 
2Pilots Film Production
Cast: Doron Amit,  Lore Richter,  Karoline Schuch 


Fiction, Romantic Comedy, 100 min, 2013
Languages: Hebrew, German and English with English subtitles

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We wish to thank Jörg Siepmann at 2Pilots Film Production for supporting us and organizing access to this film for our viewers.

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