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Fire Birds




Fire Birds (Amir I. Wolf, IL, 2015)
Tziporey Hol


‘Fire Birds’ (2015)

Director: Amir I. Wolf

When the body of an old man (Oded Toemi) with a mysterious tattoo and three stab wounds to his chest is found floating in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River, Amnon (Amnon Wolf), a reluctant young police detective, is put in charge of the investigation – his first following a previous lengthy suspension from the job. The trail leads him to a tattoo artist’s parlour and a club of Holocaust survivors with a zest for life, who find solace in romantic recollections of their pre-war world. Cleverly weaving between past and present a story of deadly dalliances, desire, loneliness and rejection emerges which connects victim and detective in a suspenseful, charming, and often humorous plot that keeps you guessing until the final moment.

Winner of an Israeli Academy Award in 2015 and nominated for nine others, Amir Wolf’s impressive directorial debut is an intelligent and pacey thriller with outstanding performances from Israeli stars Gila Almagor, Mali Levi and Oded Toemi.


Written by: Orly Robinshtein Katcap, Itzhak Wolf, Amir I. Wolf
Directed by: Amir I. Wolf
Produced by: 
Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Oudi Recanati and Len Blavatnik
Distributed by: Israeli Films

CastOded Teomi, Gila Almagor, Devora Keidar, Miriam Zohar, Amnon Wolf, Mali Levi Gershon
Original music: Ady Cohen


Thriller/Drama, 108 min, 2015
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

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