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Images of the Grotesque and Arabesque: The Discovery of Kafka’s drawings

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Andreas Kilcher, Nicholas Sawicki. Chaired by Daniel Wildmann.

Over 100 completely unknown drawings by Franz Kafka of fascinating figures, shifting from the realistic to the fantastic, the grotesque, the uncanny and the carnivalesque have been made accessible in Prof Andreas Kilcher’s highly acclaimed book Franz Kafka: The Drawings.

The drawings illuminate a previously unknown side of the quintessential modernist author. Three fascinating stories can be told about Kafka’s drawings: the story of their transmission, the story of Kafka as a draftsman, and the story of his drawing in relation to his writing. 

Prof Andreas Kilcher (ETH Zurich, CH), discusses his new book 'Franz Kafka: The Drawings' (Yale University Press, 2022) with Prof Nicholas Sawicki (Lehigh University, USA). Chaired by Dr Daniel Wildmann (LBI London, UK)