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Leo Baeck Institute London Lecture Series 2010

Professor Pulzer asks what lay behind the often-repeated denunciation of the Weimar Republic as a 'Jewish Republic' ('Judenrepublik'). He will discuss the association of Germany's Jews with ideas of liberalism and democracy and above all the role of Jewish constitutional lawyers in elaborating and defending the constitution of Germany's first experiment with democracy, with special reference to Hugo Preuss, Hermann Heller and Hans Kelsen. 

Vernon Bogdanor

Drawing on her magisterial new biography, Green revisits Montefiore’s career as a campaigner for Jewish rights at home and abroad. She shows how he leveraged business contacts with men like the anti-slavery campaigner Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton and the Irish nationalist Daniel O’Connell to bring Jews into the mainstream of British politics during the era of slave emancipation and the Great Reform Act. The alliance Montefiore forged with the evangelical and dissenting middle classes in the name of ‘civil and religious liberty’ would enable Montefiore to engage a broad political coalition in…

Professor Shulamit Volkov