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Workshop Rastatt July 2013

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Chaired by Marion Kaplan, Raphael Gross, and Daniel Wildmann  



Lecture Prof. Marion Kaplan - Lisbon is Sold Out! The Daily Lives of Jewish Refugees in Portugal during World War II   


Session 1 

Nicholas Baer – Dialectics of Jewish Renewal: The Promised Land in Early Zionist Cinema (response: Daniela Bartáková) 

Adam Sacks – Rethinking the Jüdischer Kulturbund (response: Katarzyna Czerwonogóra) 

Karin Nisenbaum – Tsimtsum in Rosenzweig and Schelling (response: Matthew Handelman)   


Session 2 

Katarzyna Czerwonogóra – From local to international: mobilization of Jewish women for recognition in Women’s International Zionist Organization (response: Achim Wörn) 

Dustin Atlas – The Jewish German Roots of the In-Between: Martin Buber on Religion, Violence, and Otherness (response: Rahel Fronda) 

Matthew Handelman – Towards a Messianic Theory of Knowledge: Mathematics, “Bewährung,” and Rosenzweig’s Reinvention of Philosophy (response: Nicholas Baer) 

Monica Lee – Making Up Benjamin: Pseudopodia as Structural-Cultural Development in the Frankfurt School’s Amoeba (response: Adam Sacks)   


Session 3 

Achim Wörn – Post-war Anti-Semitism in Stettin (response: Dustin Atlas)

Rahel Fronda – Identifying groups of Hebrew manuscripts (response: Monica Lee)