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Workshop Oberwesel June 2015

Chaired by Prof Dr Elisabeth Hollender and Dr Daniel Wildmann   



Session 1 

Lina Nikou - Vergangenheitstouristen - Tourists of the Past. The Influence of Official Invitations for Jewish Refugees of the Nazi Regime by the Senate of Hamburg on the City’s Historiography (response: David Pruwer) 

Olga Zitová - The Weekly Paper Selbstwehr (Self-Defence) (1907-1938) in the Czech Cultural Context (response: Amir Heinitz) 

Adam Stern - Rosenzweig’s Jesus (response: Julia Carls)   


Session 2 

Yaniv Feller - Leo Baeck and the Study of Essences (response: Joseph Malherek) 

David Pruwer - Self-criticism and Rupture in Weimar Jewish Orthodoxy (response: Olga Zitová) 

Julia Carls - Orthodox Jewish Homiletics in the Early 20th Century (response: Dorothea Kies) 

Dorothea Kies - How Sources Interact. Anti-Jewish Pogrom(s) in Erfurt in the 13th Century (response: Lina NIkou)   


Session 3 

Amir Heinitz - Friedrich Rosen between Orientalist Scholarship and German Foreign Relations in the Orient Methodological Considerations (response: Yaniv Feller) 

Andreas Lehnertz - Jewish Seals in Medieval Ashkenaz and their Images (response: Adam Stern) 

Joseph Malherek - Victor Gruen’s Retail Therapy: Exiled Jewish Communities and the Invention of the American Shopping Mall as a Postwar Idea (response: Andreas Lehnertz)