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Workshop Brighton October 2016

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 Workshop at the University of Sussex, England

Chaired by Prof Dr Sharon Gillerman, Prof Dr David Rechter, and Dr Daniel Wildmann



Session 1

Tuvia Singer - Nationalism, Regionalism and Cosmology: Minorities and Foreigners in German Folk-Narratives in the Nineteenth Century (response: Lotte Houwink ten Cate)

Omer Michaelis - Critical Times and the Reconfiguration of Torah: Reading Hermann Co-hen in light of Moses Maimondies’ Guide of the Perplexed (response: Ayana Halpern)


Session 2

Lisa Gebhard - Jews as Cultural Mediators in “Greater Palestine” Davis Trietsch and the Colonial Ambitions of Early German Zionists in the Face of Transnational Transfers of Ideas and Knowledge (response: Agnes Kelemen)

Sam Shonkoff - Sacramental Existence: Embodiment in Martin Buber’s Philosophical and Hasidic Writings (response: Felix Schölch)

Lucia Linares - German Political Thought and the ‘Jewish Question’, 1916 – 1926 (response: Tuvia Singer)


Session 3

Ayana Halpern - Hebrew Social Work in Mandatory Palestine: Gender, Zionism and Jewish-German Welfare (response: Sam Shonkoff)

Agnes Kelemen - The Migration of the Numerus clausus Exiles - Hungarian Jewish Students in Interwar Europe (response: Lucia Linares)

Felix Schölch - Zuhause zwischen Isar und Jordan: Leben und Werk Schalom Ben-Chorins (response: Omer Michaelis)

Lotte Houwink ten Cate - Jews on Trial: Postwar Retribution Against Jews in Germany and Europe (response: Lisa Gebhard)