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LBI Year Book I (1956)

From the past to the present


Jewish History As We See It by Selmar Spier
Principles of German Policy towards the Jews at the Beginning of the Modern Era by Selma Stern-Taeubler
The Terms of Emancipation 1781–1812: The public debate in Germany and its effect on the mentality and ideas of German Jewry by H. D. Schmidt
In Memory of Two of Our Dead by Leo Baeck
The Beginning of the ‘Reichsvertretung’ by Max Gruenewald
Jewish Adult Education in Nazi Germany as Spiritual Resistance by Ernst Simon
The Frankfort Lehrhaus by Nahum N. Glatzer
Problems of Jewish Schools in Germany During the Hitler Regime: (With special reference to the Theodor Herzl Schule in Berlin) by Hans Gaertner
A Jewish Theatre under the Swastika by Herbert Freeden
The Jewish Press in Germany by Margaret T. Edelheim-Muehsam
Oberrat der Israeliten Badens, 1922–1937 by Nathan Stein
Theology in Twentieth-Century German Jewry by Alexander Altmann
Jewish Thought and its German Background by Hans Liebeschütz
Popular Orthodoxy by Yeshayahu Wolfsberg
The Rise and Fall of the Jewish-German Symbiosis: The Case of Franz Kafka by Felix Weltsch


Problems of economic life


Prolegomena to an Economic History of the Jews in Germany in Modern Times by Bernard D. Weinryb
Some Reflections on the Jewish Participation in German Economic Life by Eduard Rosenbaum


Documents of the past


Some Observations on the Jewish Citizens' Books of the City of Berlin by Jacob Jacobson
Jewish Records from Germany in the Jewish Historical General Archives in Jerusalem by Daniel J. Cohen
Jewish Records in German Archives: Results of a Scientific Journey 1955–1956 by B. Brilling
Last Traces of Heinrich Heine in Hamburg by Abraham Landsberg


The new dispersion


Exodus 1933–1939: A Survey of Jewish Emigration From Germany by Werner Rosenstock




Post-War Publications on German Jewry: Books and Articles, 1945–1955 by The Wiener Library
Bibliography Contents
I. History and Sociology
II. The Nazi Period
III. Post-War
IV. Judaism and Jewish Scholars
V. Zionism and Israel
VI. Participation in Cultural and Public Life
VII. Autobiography, Memoirs and Letters
VIII. German-Jewish Relations
IX. Fiction and Poetry
X. Miscellaneous
Index to the Bibliography
Bibliography of Hebrew and Yiddish Publications on German Jewry, 1950–1955 by Gustav Ormann






Leo Baeck Institute of Jews from Germany


Leo Baeck Institute of Jews from Germany by S. Moses




Introduction by Robert Weltsch