Our fifth ‘Snapshot of German-Jewish History and Culture’ is now online. Please click here to view the full post: Between Renaissance and Revolution: Shlomo Zemach’s “Das jüdische Dorf” (The Jewish Village), 1923.

Shlomo Zemach, ‘Das jüdische Dorf’ (The Jewish Village), 1932

This item showcases the famous booklet Das jüdische Dorf, an illustrated early socialist Zionst pamphlet advertising life in Mandate-Palestine to Jewish communities in Europe. This, at the time widely circulated, publication was the result of a collaboration of the author and agriculturalist Shlomo Zemach and the photographer Shmuel Yosef Schweig. It promoted a left-wing version of romantic Zionist ideals related to early 20th century agrarianism and labour and was based on a desire to build a better, modern socialist society in the ‘Promised Land’.

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