We are happy to announce the upcoming FilmTalk lecture series 2013.

The theme for the 2013 season is ‘The Jewish Villain’. The figure of the Jewish gangster or gangleader has fascinated filmmakers almost for as long as filmhas existed. In this year’s FilmTalk, we examine a range of them, fromDavid Lean’s Fagin, to Coppola’s Hyman Roth, to Leone’s ‘Noodles’ Aaronson and Ritchie’s Cousin Avi. These figures draw on antisemitic notions such as “the Jewish global conspiracy to rule the world”, or are reactions against such stereotypes. The portrayals of Jewish gangsters – often by Gentiles such as Robert de Niro or Alec Guinness – are among the most remarkable yet controversial roles taken bypopular actors.

The first lecture will be held at the Wiener Library on April 4th, and will be given by Dr Charles Drazin on challenges and controversies surrounding the various portrayals of Dickens’ Fagin, from David Lean’s film of 1948 to Roman Polański adaptation of 2005.

For more information you can download the leaflet here.