1 March 2012, 6.30 pm at the Wiener Library

Prof Yosefa Loshitzky (University of East London)

Forbidden Love in the Holy Land: Daniel Wachsmann’s Hamsin (1982)

This lecture series is organised by the LBI London in cooperation with the Wiener Library.

FilmTalk 2011/2012: Sleeping with the Enemy

In her film talk Yosefa Loshitzky will discuss the fears of “forbidden love” between Israeli Jews and Palestinians as they are expressed and transgressed in the iconic film Hamsin. Perhaps more than any other Israeli film, Hamsin touches upon the core of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Not only does it deal with a politically taboo topic (the ongoing confiscation of Arab land by Israel inside the green line, Israel’s border prior to the 1967 war) but it also deals with the ultimate taboo of love between Jews and Arabs. Hamsin demonstrates that there are some borders that cannot be crossed even by ostensibly liberal Israelis.

Yosefa Loshitzky is the author of The Radical Faces of Godard and Bertolucci, Identity Politics on the Israeli Screen, Screening Strangers: Migration and Diaspora in Contemporary European Cinema, and the editor of Spielberg’s Holocaust: Critical Perspectives on Schindler’s List.

Lectures are held at the Wiener Library, 29 Russell Square, London WC1B5DP Underground: Russell Square, Bus: 188, 168, X68, 7, 59, 68

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