London, 28.-29. April 2008, in der  Wiener Library

Eine internationale Konferenz organisiert vom LBI London und der Wiener Library als Beitrag zum European Network for Research into Historical and Current Antisemitism.

The conference looked at theories of antisemitism and antisemitic legacies in modern cultural and political theories. We assessed the state of the art in modern theories of antisemitism and examined problematic legacies that partly fostered these theories; we also discussed praxis oriented approaches of dealing with antisemitism in a number of European countries.


28. April 2008

10.00am  Opening
Prof Raphael Gross (LBI London / Fritz Bauer Institut)/ Ben Barkow (Wiener Library)

10.30-12.00 noon  Panel 1: Frankfurt School & Cultural Studies
Chair: Prof. Michael Wildt (University of Hamburg)

Prof. Anson Rabinbach (Princeton):
The Legacy of the Frankfurt Schools’ Theory of Antisemitism after 1944

Dr Birgit Erdle (London):
The Legacy of Hate in Current Cultural Theory

commentary Prof. Leonard Olschner (Queen Mary, University of London)

1.30-3.00pm Panel 2: Country Reports: Germany, Poland
Chair: Dr Daniel Wildmann (LBI London)

Dr Juliane Wetzel (Center for Research on Antisemitism, TU Berlin):
Teaching on Today’s Antisemitism in Germany: Challenges and Resistance

Dr Michal Bilewicz (University of Warsaw):
Fighting Antisemitism in the Polish Classroom: Methods and their Effectiveness

commentary Antony Lerman (JPR, London)

3.30-5.00pm Panel 3: History & Sociology
Chair: Dr Klaus Holz (Evangelisches Studienwerk, Villigst)

Prof. Shulamit Volkov (Tel Aviv University):
Controversies over Antisemitism: Old and New

Dr Jan Weyand (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg):
A Gap Between Social Theory and Theory of Antisemitism

commentary Prof Werner Bergmann (Center for Research on Antisemitism, TU Berlin)

29. April 2008

9.00-10.30am Panel 4: Theology & Philosophy
Chair: Prof Christian Wiese (University of Sussex)

Dr Tanja Hetzer (Berlin)
Antisemitism and “God’s Will”: The Political Theology of Paul Althaus

Dr Christopher Clark (St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge)
Protestant Eschatology and Antisemitism

commentary Katharina von Kellenbach (St. Mary’s College, Maryland)

11.00-12.30pm Panel 5: Country Reports: Russia, Hungary
Chair: Prof. Andras Kovacs (CEU, Budapest)

Dr Monika Kovacs (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest):
Cultural, Anti-Bias and Holocaust Education – Different Approaches in Hungary

Dr Alexander Verkhovsky (Sova Centre, Moscow):
Antisemitism in Putin’s Russia

commentary Dr Stella Rock (University of Sussex)

2.00-3.30pm Panel 6: Political Theory, Social Theory & Psychoanalysis
Chair: Prof Andreas Gestrich (GHI, London)

Prof. Roger Griffin (Oxford Brookes University):
Differentialist Racism and Aryo-Islamist Holocaust Denial: Two Case Studies in Modernist Antisemitism

Dr Celine Surprenant (University of Sussex):
Moses and Monotheism: The Recent Reception of Freud’s Book on Antisemitism;

commentary Dr Brian Klug (St. Benet’s Hall, Oxford)

4.00-5.30pm  Panel 7: Country Reports: France, UK
Chair: Prof Julian Jackson (Queen Mary, University of London)

Jean-Yves Camus (IRIS, Paris):
(Not so) New Judeophobia and Old Stereotypes: Antisemitism in France After 2000

Mike Whine (London):
Antisemitism in Britain – a facts-based analysis

commentary Philip Spencer (Kingston University)

5.30-6.00pm  Closing remarks: Prof. Peter Pulzer (LBI London)

Here you can find a report about the conference (in German).