International Conference on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Leo Baeck Institute

Jerusalem, 15.-18. Mai 2005

LBI Jerusalem


Sonntag, 15. Mai

Opening Session
Chair: Michael Meyer (International Chairman LBI)

Zwi Bacharach (Chairman LBI Jerusalem)
Judge Izhak Englard
Michael Heyd (Chairman Israel Historical Society)

Steven Aschheim
Icons Beyond their Borders: The German-Jewish Intellectual Legacy at the Beginning of the Twenty First Century
Monday, 16 May

Session I – Visions of Jewish Integration in State and Society
Chair: Avraham Barkai

Reinhard Rürup
Jewish Emancipation and the Vision of Civil Society in Germany

Peter Pulzer
The Place of Jews in German Historiography

Shulamit Volkov
Jewish Historiography: Diaspora and Nationalism

Session 2 – The German Jewish Symbiosis: Did it exist, did it have a future?
Moderator: Richard Cohen

Michael Brenner
Galili Shachar
Moshe Zimmermann

Session 3 – Visions of Enlightenment and Jewish National Identity
Chair: Paul Mendes-Flohr

Shmuel Feiner
Moses Mendelssohn’s Dreams and Nightmares

Deborah Hertz
Assimilation Or Emancipation: Competing Visions and Experiences in Biedermeier Germany

Elisheva Carlebach
“From Luach to Volkskalender” The Presence of the Past in Nineteenth Century German-Jewish Culture

Dienstag, 17. Mai

Session 4 – Jewish Visions of Family, Community (Kehilla) and Religion
Chair: Itta Shedletzky

Michael Meyer
German Jews Reflect on the Future of the Jewish Religion

Steven Lowenstein
Demographic Changes in the German Jewish Family, 1815-1939

Yfaat Weiss
New “Ostjuden”? Russian Jews in Germany Today

Session 5 – Fears and Hopes: Visions of Antisemitism
Moderator: Zwi Bacharach

Yaacov Borut
Raphael Gross
Till van Rahden

Session 6 – Comparative Visions of Jewish Emancipation and Emigration in the 20th Century
Chair: Dov Kulka

Bath Ami Zucker
The Traumatic Encounter – German-Jewish Applicants and the U.S. Consuls in NS Germany

Dimitry Shumsky
From Bilingualism to Binationalism: The Czecho-German Zionists and the Origins of Zionist Binationalism, 1900-1925″

Memories of a German Jewish Neighborhood -A Tour Through Rechavia (in Hebrew)

Mittwoch, 18. Mai

Session 7 – The Legacy of German-Jewish Culture: Then and Now
Chair: Monika Richarz

Rachel Livneh-Freudenthal
The Past as Guide to the Future: Visions of the Wissenschaft des Judentums

Robert Liberles
Steeped in the Past: Heinrich Graetz’s Vision of the Future

Andreas Gotzmann
Whose History? Perceptions and Visions of the German-Jewish Past in the 19th and 20th Century.

Session 8 – Preserving memories of the Past: The LBI History Project
Chair: Frank Mecklenburg

Christhard Hoffmann
The End of German Jewry and the Future of Its Legacy: Notions of Transferring Cultural Heritage in the Early Leo Baeck Institute

Guy Miron
From Memorial Community to Research Centre

Respondent: Arnold Paucker

Session 9 – Closing remarks
Chair: John Grenville and Robert Liberles