Haifa, 1 June 2003

Leo Baeck Institute London
Bucerius Center for Research of German Contemporary History and Society (University of Haifa)

This conference will bring together researchers who have recently been working on Jewish migration and remigration to Germany after 1945. In the last few years a great number of new perspectives were opened up by studies concerning the situation of Jews starting a new life in Germany after the Holocaust or going back there after having survived exile and persecution. The conference will look at social as well as intellectual history. Special emphasis will be placed on how important the so-called Wiedergutmachung was for Jews returning to Germany. The contributions will be published in the 2004 edition of the Leo Baeck Institute Year Book. The lectures will be in English.


1 June 2003

Yfaat Weiss (Bucerius Institute, University of Haifa)
Raphael Gross (Leo Baeck Institute London)

First Panel: The Remigration of the Ordinary People
Chair: Haya Bar-Itzhak (University of Haifa)

Marita Krauss (University of Bremen)
Towards a History of Jewish Remigration

Tobias Winstel (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)
Jewish Remigrants and the German “Wiedergutmachung”

Meron Mendel (University of Haifa)
Compensation versus Repatriation: West German and Israeli Perspectives

Cilly Kugelmann (Jewish Museum Berlin)

Second Panel: Intellectual Remigration
Chair: Fania Oz-Salzberger (University of Haifa)

Nicolas Berg (Simon Dubnow Institute, Leipzig)
Hidden Memories and Untold History: Hans Rothfels and the Reestablishment of German Historiography after 1945

Arnd Bauerkämper (Center for Comparative History in Europe, Free Univerity Berlin)
German Jewish Historians and Political Scientists as Intermediaries: The Case of Hans Rothfels and Ernst Fraenkel

Lars Rensmann (Free University Berlin)
Returning from Forced Exile: Theodor W. Adorno’s and Hannah Arendt’s Reflections on Post-War Germany

Gabriel Motzkin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)