A Seminar in Honour of Julius Carlebach

Brighton, 13 May 2002

Sussex Centre for German-Jewish Studies
Leo Baeck Institute London


Monday, 13 May 2002

Professor Peter Pulzer (Oxford)

John A. S. Grenville (Birmingham)
The Jews in Hamburg in Prosperity and Adversity

Dr Henri Soussan (Sussex)
The Rabbinical Tradition of Hamburg, Altona and Wandsbek

Professor William Outhwaite (Sussex)

Andreas Braemer (Hamburg)
Reform Judaism in Hamburg: The Israelitischer Tempelverein

Dorothea McEwan (Warburg Institute)
Aby Warburg on ‘Kultur’ (discussion paper)

Professor Edward Timms (Sussex)

Miriam Gillis-Carlebach (Bar-Ilan)
The Letters of Julius Carlebach in the Aftermath of the Second World War

Presentation of
“Concersations with Julius Carlebach” (interviews edited by Dr Bea Lewkowicz)

Freiherr Gisbert zu Putlitz
Concluding tribute