Ninth ‘Snapshot of German-Jewish History and Culture’


Palestine Pavilion Handbook: Cover

Our ninth ‘Snapshot of German-Jewish History and Culture’ is now online. Please click here to view the full post: Rocky Roads, Exotic Birds and a Scent of Jaffa Oranges. The Palestine Pavilion Handbook and Tourist Guide (1924).

Flicking through the richly illustrated Palestine Pavilion Handbook and Tourist Guide, this latest Snapshot provides a flavour of the Palestine Pavilion of the 1924 British Empire Exhibition at the Empire Stadium in Wembley. From the uniquely British governmental standpoint of the period this booklet showcases the region of Mandate Palestine, placed under British mandate by the League of Nations in 1920, and promotes the complex colonial, political, commercial and historical ambitions of the Empire in the Middle East during this time.

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