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Workshop Brighton November 2019

Workshop in Brighton, 3rd – 6th November 2019
Chaired by Dr Peter Antres and Dr Daniel Wildmann



Guided Tour at Brighton Pavilion


Session 1

Opening Remarks

Aviya Doron: Economic interactions between Jews and Christians – Trust and Risk in Medieval Urban Environment. (response: Zarin Aschrafi)

Alisha Meininghaus: Jewish birth-amulets as an indicator for changing concepts of ‘religion’, ‘magic’ and gender roles in past and present (response: Naomi Shimoni)        


Session 2

Elad Schlesinger: A Reception History of the Schulchan Aruch in Europe and the Creation of Community 1590-1660. (response: Irit Chen)

Zeljka Oparnica: The In-Diaspora. The Crisis and the Renaissance of the Balkan Sephardim (1890-1940) (response: Joshua Shelly)

Steven Samols: Inventing and Commodifying the Global: Jewish Immaginations of World Culture between the 1880s and the 1920s. (response: Zeljika Oparnica)


Session 3

Joshua Shelly: Writing a Future State: Spatial Imaginaries of German Jewish Literature, 1885-1932 (response: Alisha Meininghaus)         

Irit Chen: The Purchasing Mission between Israel and Germany 1953-1965. (response: Aviya Doron)

Naomi Simhony: Synagogue Architecture in Israel's First Three Decades of Statehood (response: Steven Samols)


Session 4

Zarin Aschrafi: From Frankfurt to Babylon. Jewish Intellectuals in Germany during the 1970s and 1980s. (response: Elad Schlesinger)

Closing Remarks, Feedback