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Workshop Brighton November 2014

Workshop at the University of Sussex, England 

Chaired by Prof Dr Raphael Gross, Dr Claudia Prestel, and Dr Daniel Wildmann   



Session 1 

Dorothea Kies - History and Knowledge: Jews in the Christian Historiography of the 13th Century (response: Lina NIkou) 

Andreas Lehnertz - Jewish Seals in Late Medieval Ashkenaz (response: Adam Stern)   


Session 2 Amir Heinitz - Friedrich Rosen and German Relations with the Orient, 1856-1935 (response: Yaniv Feller) 

David Pruwer - The Crisis of Tradition and the Return to the Past in Weimar Orthodox Thought 

Joseph Malherek - Émigré Scientists of the Quotidian: Market Research and the American Consumer Unconscious, 1933-1976” (response: Andreas Lehnertz)   


Session 3 

Julia Carls - “Denn unsere Väter und Meister sind die Sprecher der Nation an uns“ Self-perceptions and identity concepts by the German conservative Orthodoxy in the early 20th century (response: Dorothea Kies) 

Yaniv Feller - Dialogical Apologetics: Leo Baeck and the Task of Jewish Philosophy (response: Joseph Malherek) 

Olga Zitová - The Weekly Paper Selbstwehr (1907-1938) in German-Czech Cultural Context (response: Amir Heinitz) 

Adam Stern - Marks of Survival: Christianity, Judaism, Translation (response: Julia Carls) 

Lina Nikou - Coming back home? Invitations by German Cities to Refugees of the Nazi Regime (response: David Pruwer)