Leo Baeck Institute / Wiener Library Lecture Series 2002/2003

Our first joint lecture series.
Speakers included Dan Diner, Richard Overy, Sander Gilman, Norbert Frei, Michael Brenner, Yfaat Weiss, Shulamit Volkov.

4 February 2002

Prof Dan Diner (Hebrew University Jerusalem and Simon Dubnow Institut, Leipzig)
Europe and the Jews: A New Perspective.

Introduction: Prof Peter Pulzer (Oxford University)
Book Launch LBI Year Book 2001 (Jointly organised with the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, Sussex University)

24 April 2002

Prof Richard Overy (King’s College London)
The Nuremberg Trials: International Law in the Making
(Introductory Lecture to the Wiener Library – Matrix Chambers Lecture Series from Nuremberg to Hague)

1 October 2002

Prof Sander Gilman (University of Chicago)
Multiculturalism, Global Culture, and the Jews
Max Kochmann lecture
(Jointly organised with the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, Sussex University)

4 November 2002

Prof Norbert Frei (University of Bochum)
The Nazi Elite in Postwar Germany

12 December 2002

Prof Michael Brenner (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich)

The Politics of Jewish Historiography

22 January 2003

Dr Yfaat Weiss (Haifa University)
Central European Ethno-Nationalism and the Zionist Quest for Nationhood

12 February 2003

Prof Shulamit Volkov (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Dilemmas and Dialectics: Two Hundred Years of Enlightment in Jewish Perspective

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